New Google Fonts
What? New Google Fonts! Yes, there are now 804 free and well chosen Google Fonts available to web developers and
Using Google Fonts in WordPress
The previous post describes the many advantages of using  Google Fonts on your website. This post will look at some of the ways
Google Fonts: Free Designer Typography
  Google Fonts: Top Designer Typography for Free And unlike other Google software like Gmail and Adsense, there is no
CSS Hero and Site Origins CSS Editor:Update
At the start of this year, theOpensourcery did a review of twoWordPress CSS Editor plugins that help WP developers make CSS
W3CSS and Knockout.js
This post is about two fast and furious Web developments. First is the emergence of as a vital tool
A Simple WordPress FAQs/Help System
jQuery AutoComplete is already useful for Bootstrap, Foundation and Ink JavaScript frameworks. But I have found a Search Autocomplete  WordPress
Web BandAids
Over the past 5 years the aids to using HTML5 and other key Web tools have accumulated rapidly. And the
WordPress Migration Tools
WordPress has good news and bad on WP Migration. WordPress has always had a good set of  migration tools; particularly when
How Pagelines Caught My Attention
And how JavaScript is becoming main language for WordPress Development Pagelines in 2012 was part of that Wave of WordPress Page
Advanced Page Manager WP Plugin
A Plugin for Managing Pages and Menus Easily How many times have you had a project in which you have
Agile, Scrum and WordPress
Agile Methods using the Scrum Process seem built for WordPress Development Agile methods have a manifesto and development methodology which
Background Pattern Generator
Greg Priday and his band of mighty WordPress coders has done it again. From their perch in CapeTown South Africa,
Animation Shortcode
There is a sleeper plugin on Code Canyon called Animation Shortcode which is less than perfect but brings enough to
Calypso: New WordPress Music
At a recent WordPress Meetup, convener Brent Kobayashi went around the table and greeted everyone. And for the new attendees
Far – Better Windows CMD Line Utilities For Web Work
Back in the olden days of personal computing , several software firms  like Ashton Tate, Borland, Lotus and others had
Spreadsheet Plugin for WordPress
WordPress has basic HTML table settings but essentially that is all she wrote. If users want to add sophisticated spreadsheets
Accessibility Camp 2015 in Toronto
Accessibility Camp 2015 at OCAD on Saturday October 17th turned out to be eye opening. Going in this reviewer was looking
Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO:Geo Mapping Tricks
At a WordCamp there is inevitably Lecture Regret – that is when you have to make a hard choice between
Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO: Making Websites Easy to Update
Dara Skolnick gave a great presentation for WordPress Developers entitled Help Me Help You: Practical Tips for Designers from A WordPress
Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO: Content Modeling
Jamie Schmid came to WordCamp Toronto all the way from Portland Oregon. And as you can see from the slides
Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO: Duplicator Plugin
During the WordCamp session on Saturday about Systematic Holistic Speed by Paul Bearne, the question of website back-up and migration
Discovered at WordCamp 2015 TO: WP-Optimize Plugin
During Jessica Gardners talk , WordPress Development for Non-Developers: An Introductory Tour Under the Hood, the discussion turned on how
Site Origins CSS Editor
SiteOrigin already has a solid 5 star, 500K downloads hit with its free Page Builder WordPress plugin – and it
JetPack Tiled Gallery: A Disappointment
Masonry Image Grids have become very popular in WordPress Plugins because they allow users to post images of varying size  all
Scrolling Down Moves Up
In Website Design getting visitors past the fold line is as vital as getting on the first page in SEO.
RIP Akismet
One of the reasons WordPress became my favorite CMS nearly 10 years ago was Akismet. Back then Akismet eliminated spam
3 Upcoming WordPress Breakthroughs
WordPress has become the most popular CMS in the World – dominating its rivals with 23% marketshare for all websites
3 WordPress Visual Page Builders
WordPress has seen an explosion of no-coding, drag and drop Visual Page/Post Builders. These Visual Page/Post Builders bring 5 major benefits
A Second Look at SEO
SEO too often has the connotation that first page ranking on Google Search is the measure of a website’s promotional
The WordPress UI/UX Development Revolution
This website  and its cohort have been underlining the rapid improvements in development tools and plugins available to WordPress Designers in