JavaScript Arriving in WordPress Stealthily
With Calypso and Gutenberg, clearly JavaScript is arriving onto WordPress in a big way. Here are seven reasons why: Gutenberg
Scanning Online for WordPress Security Flaws
WordPress Security flaws have been a growing risk to developers and owners alike over the past 3-4 years. As if
WordPress JavaScript Reactions
WordPress Gutenberg and Calypso are back in the tech news now that  CIC Matt Mullenweg has rejected React.js as the core
Post Grid Plugins
Grids are vital UI elements in medium to large scale websites. Think  of websites with scores if not hundreds of
WordPress Image Display Using CSS Grid
CSS Grid has taken off in the past year with the arrival of a complete implementation of the standard working
Gutenberg Page Builder: A September UI Autopsy
Matt Mullenweg has written a detailed post on Gutenberg, the upcoming WordPress PageBuilder plugin. Within the post  is a critical
Elementor: Top WordPress PageBuilder
In the past three years WordPress 3rd party developers have produced some of the best Post and PageBuilders available. And
CiviCRM: CMS Integration Example
I discovered CiviCRM this past Tuesday at The Social Impact Meetup at CSI . What makes CiviCRM compelling is that
Gutenberg: The WordPress Post/PageBuilder
WPTavern has alerted readers to the first beta delivery of Gutenberg – the new Visual Block Editor for  WordPress. Now
The Gutenberg Post
Here is our Gutenberg Post transferred to See the complete Gutenberg preview and impact analysis here. Below the line
Figma For Online Designs
Figma is a  tool for Web Design that vies with Balsamiq and Sketch except that it is an online tool.
SquareSpace vs WordPress : A Second Look
A review of SquareSpace vs WordPress in the WPMUDev blog raises the question of whether web development reviews are becoming
How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?
Codeable has an interesting infographic about the pricing for building a new  WordPress Business website with 6 pages and a
WordPress Frustration: Plugins Suddenly Failing
Two of the key selling points for WordPress Development is “No coding Required” for most of its Themes and Plugins
Protected: March WP Meetup Survey
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. – Fall From Leadership
For the past 10 years or more has been the GoTo CMS for Small Businesses especially on free hosted
Posting PowerPoints in WordPress
Document Embeds in WordPress The most reliable embeds of PowerPoints into WordPress Posts and Pages found so far is using
Web PageBuilders Are Essential Tools
How PageBuilder Tools have become essential in web development The combination of no-coding-required UI/UX PageBuilding features plus comparative operational ease
WIDDE – WordPress Interactive Design/Development Environs
The Emergence of WPIDE-WordPress Interactive Design/Development Environs How WordPress UI Design  Caught up with SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, etc. As a
Problem with Buying Software on Web
Here is a problem that is occurring more often as I attempt tobuy software on the Web: In this case
Online Website Speed Testing Tools
Speed of website load and operation  has been recognized as a very desirable trait for your website. Numerous Studies show that
Online Debugging: JSFiddle & SQLFiddle
The OpenSourcery will devote more time to highlighting some of the most interesting and useful Web testing  tools . This quarter
Wallace Theme: REST API and Angular 2
Wallace Theme has been featured in WP Tavern as an Angular 2 JS based driven theme with use of the
Mobirise JavaScript Website Developer
The last 4-5 years have seen the rise of open, free and popular CSS+HTML5+JS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb and
Swifty Suite for WordPress SiteBuilding
Dutch software developers have been delivering some superb interactive, point and click website design environs. For example, Mobirise has a great
Putting W3CSS into Your WordPress Pages
W3Schools W3CSS is a robust CSS Framework for use in WordPress The following examples show some of the advantages of
EnjoyCSS: Online CSS Testbed & Tutorial
The Opensourcery has already featured  the wealth of online Web coding websites like CodePen, JSFiddle, SQLFiddle among others. Although CodePen and
WordPress 4.6 Review
Its rare that one gets to use a new feature in a WordPress release – but WP4.6 was different. First,
WP Simple Booking Calendar
Calendar plugins are vital to a number of scheduling and booking applications. But the problem is that like in the