How Gutenberg is Shaking WordPress UI Foundations

But It Is Theme And PageBuilder Vendors Who Are Currently Transforming How WordPress UI Design Is Actually Done Let us be clear, Gutenberg is by itself having a profound effect on WordPress UI Design and Development. Here are some of the major trends. Gutenberg brings the 3rd Generation JavaScript frameworks to WordPress. In the case …

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CSI Member’s Excellent Website:

Evergreen is another HTML5 website that tracks the many policies associated with Evergreen  and the associated leisure time activities at the Evergreen Brickworks. Evergreen follows  in the style of  excellent CSI Member’s websites. Its mission is clearly declared on the opening page, the navigation is easy to follow and the website is chock full of …

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WordPress JavaScript Reactions

WordPress Gutenberg and Calypso are back in the tech news now that  CIC Matt Mullenweg has rejected React.js as the core JavaScript library for WordPress. The issue is the Patent Clause in  Facebook’s licensing  which is less than the Open Source Software’s adherence to unencumbered usage standards as in MIT’s license.  So Matt felt compelled by some …

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Gutenberg Page Builder: A September UI Autopsy

Matt Mullenweg has written a detailed post on Gutenberg, the upcoming WordPress PageBuilder plugin. Within the post  is a critical commitment by Matt: WordPress has always been about websites, but it’s not just about websites. It’s about freedom, about possibility, and about carving out your own livelihood, whether it’s by making a living through your …

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InK – Interface Kit: Responsive, Mobile JS Framework

In our sister publication, JavaScriptures, we have reviewed two JS Responsive/Mobile Frameworks – Bootstrap 3.2 and Foundation 5.3.2. And broadly, the reviews have been positive because both frameworks deliver 12 column grids which help to deliver responsive designs with sticky menus and a core of basic JavaScript UI components. Both Web designers and developers will …

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Marketwatch Converts Menu Layout

Bootstrap-like sticky menus which are also mobile responsive are gaining traction among major vendor websites. Coverage on our sister site, JavaScripture, has increased about savvy  JS  Mobile Responsive Frameworks The latest example of mobile responsive use is the Wall Street Journal’s satellite site, Marketwatch. This site has undergone a major menu layout shift in the …

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Tripped-up by Incompatible Browsers

With the fall from grace of Flash and Java as cross platform development tools, Full HTML Stack Web Development using HTML+CSS+JavaScript has become a new IT development favorite. Full HTML Stack-based development has assumed the primary role of common cross platform and computing device development as shown by Developers Economics and seen in the diagram below. …

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Gridly.js: Better Portfolio Layout Options

Grid or Portfolio UI layouts are thriving. Masonry.js already has been upgraded to Isotope.js  with its powerful and responsive  filtering and sorting functions. And there are a number of other grid layout Javascript tools appearing including the pulsating yet touch responsive  gridaccordion.js and popup lightbox powered gridfolio.js. Grid image layouts in event , portfolio, gallery, and product …

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Single Page Web Design:Luminato Festival

For the past few months theOpenSourcery has been emphasizing web tools that expedite info-intensive SPD-Single Page Designs. These tools include jQuery based routines that expedite layouts of grids/tables of images and and HTML blocks but also CSS powered layouts as well. For example, see the following reviews: Isotope.js for Grid Widget Sizzle – shows power of …

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Isotope.js for Grid Widget Sizzle

Currently responsive sliders are being used in more SPA-Single Page Applications for Mobile clients to replace deep  menus and  and button driven designs. The idea is to get portfolio/product impressions upfront as a visitor investigates a website.  But there is a whole new class of responsive grid widgets that do image sliders one better by …

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CodePen Canvas Example

Here is another opportunity to show an online HTML/CSS/JavaScript environ in action – CodePen. In this case a Canvas example using the wirelib() library of 3D routines is highlighted: More about Wirelib can be found here.

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