Agile, Scrum and WordPress

Agile Methods using the Scrum Process seem built for WordPress Development Agile methods have a manifesto and development methodology which is gaining traction not just in software development but broader project planning. Agile methods are geared to handling the rapid change required in modern project planning but also to accomodate fast changing tools and methods …

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Whose Muckier – Windows 8 RT, Apple iOS, Google Android?

Google Plus is a great place for discussing technology trends. Here is an example: ZDNet’s Steven Vaughn-Nichols picks up a Wayne Rash post who in turn is commenting on how eMail support may be one of the reasons behind Windows 8 Surface RT [the ARM version of Windows hardware ] flagging sales and relatively high return   …

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The Nature of Open

This Ted talk by Don Tapscott on the fundamental attributes of Openness is illuminating: Don waxes highly hopeful, but Spain and much of Southern Europe and the MidEast have 20% or much greater unemployment. The crux of the problem is also covered in the lecture. Note how much his GoldCorp neighbour paid for $3Billion worth of …

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IBM Stream Computing

Just two weeks ago, our report on Semi-Structured data processing had a major gap – no real IBM presence. True enough, the IBM/Cognos, IBM FileNet and other IBM BI offerings certainly dealt with some aspects of semi-structured data ,particularly FileNet’s positions in Content Management and Record Archiving. But the integration across platforms through semi-structured data …

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Health IT: Government Produces Positive Change?

There is an article in today’s NYTimes about the profound changes that are occurring in the Health Record business now that the Obama government has added incentives of $40,000 per physician for adopting electronic health records. Players like  Google, IBM, and Microsoft have tossed their Health Record technologies into the ring. But the most important factor is …

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Flash Turnover

I have been maintaining that the rate of change in the computing industry in both hardware and software technology is just increasing slowly, surely and stressfully. I would like to use Flash from Adobe by way of Macromedia as an example. But just take a look at Visual Studio, Oracle DBMS or Intuit QuickBook versions. …

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