JavaScript Wishful Thinking

In my JavaScript Trends article for WebReference.com, I have to admit on reflection, I am engaged in some embarrassingly wishful thinking. The problem is this – developers are stretched to the limit having to learn new languages, tag systems, paradigms and frameworks just about once every 3 to 6 months. Only medical doctors are on …

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Linux on the Desktop

Jason Brooks at eWeek has done a good review of the new Enterprise Linux desktop offerings from Java and RedHat. This is a solid review – issuing cautions where required (mixed ratings on drivers, some missing mail connections) and adding insights into the real advantages of the new Linux desktop environs. It is interesting that …

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The New Browser Wars

Until recently this editor has been feeling as a Cassandra-like voice in the wilderness on the new, quietly insidious attacks by Microsoft on the Web and Web standards: 1)Microsoft continues to delay on bringing IE up to a range of W3C and ECMA standards dealing with HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript. IE, frozen since 2001, …

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Business RoundTable on Security

Jim Rapoza at eWeek has astutely alerted his readers about the new, no-nonsense attiude taken by the prestigious Business Roundtable on software security. In effect, the Roundtable is saying that software vendors are primarily responsible for endemic software security problems. They dont name names but clearly one vendor, Microsoft, has more revenues than its next …

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Python for Scripting

Jasc PaintShop Pro has adopted Python for its scripting language unlike Adobe and Macromedia who have adopted JavaScript. I will let you know how my adventures with Python scripting are going. As you can see … I am not enamored of the prospect of learning Yet Another Darn Abstract_SCRIPTING_language – YADA YADA YADA.

Extreme Programming

Robert Scoble, Microsoft Blogger extraordinaire, has just helped to build a Longhorn project. But the more interesting aspect of the venture is that M. Scoble took part in an Extreme Programming exercise. Extreme Programming is a bottoms up approach to development that emphasizes producing working code as soon as possible as part of the development …

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PaintShop Pro 8

PaintShop Pro 8 is a remarkably versatile photo editing program that delivers Photoshop and better functionality for 1/4 the price. First, it is given that in the professional print reproduction process Photoshop has a commanding lead that only Corel PhotoPaint can challenge. But for sheer graphics editting, effects, color corrections and just plain ease of …

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SPSS Clementine 8.1

Clementine is a data analysis tool from SPSS which runs on several server platforms for the analysis side and Win ME, 2000, and XP clients. Clementine takes a wholistic approach to data mining – that is the business of classifying and interpreting all that business data that naturally accumulates in an organization. Clementine helps companies …

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Redmond and Standards

Michael Rys raises an objection to the “Microsoft -Oops we did it again and broke some standards” note below. Michael comments: “XSLT 2.0 is not yet a standard and neither is XPath 2.0 nor XQuery 1.0 for that matter. That we invest in XQuery 1.0 (which basically is a superset of XPath 2.0) at this …

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XML for Analysis

No BI API started more auspiciously than the Microsoft and Hyperion lead work on XMLA – XML for Analytics. The idea was to take Microsofts OLE/DB for OLAP and de-proprietarize it by using XML and Web Services as the means for defining BI OLAP Services. As the OLAP Report points out – this was bringing …

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OReilly XML.com is good but so has been Ed Dumbills XMLHack. Its like Newt use to say, “A tad sad”, when a distinctive voice retires .

Microsoft Monitor

Strange Blog, Microsoft Monitor. Takes what appears to be independent stands on Microsoft practices and marketing in the IT environ. But then really studiously avoids major issues such as the Microsofts funding of SCO or the latest blunder, the dTocqueville Institutes attempt to cast aspersions and slander on the genesis of Linux. Or Microsofts continued …

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