3 thoughts on “Gutenberg Rejuvenates Visual CSS Styling Editors”

    1. Gilles –

      Yes, I am finally finishing a detailed assessment of the Gutenberg mission. For better or for worse, Matt Mullenweg and the Gutenberg team are directly taking on the popular WordPress PageBuilders. What Gutenberg brings to the table is dubious. Gutenberg is clearly well behind in WYSIWYG frontend design, minimalist styling options for its blocks, and a templating system that is well behind the best PageBuilder/SiteBuilder tools.

      So is the mission to bring JavaScript speed and performance? But many of the PageBuilders are using the same fast JS tools. Is it a minimal but complete set of super blocks? Well there are 18 3rd party addon block suppliers, whose blocks are 50% redundant and duplicated and 5% new and innovative. This means users will have to sift through the add-on blocks and like in the case of Jetpack, have to turnoff more than half of the unneeded code. Is it an effort to rationalize the sprawling UI core code with a buildup of so many specialized PHP functions for each of widgets, menu, headers,footers, sidebars, banners,content shortcodes? Or is it a mission to replace PHP in the WordPress core code? JS Calypso manages a sizable chunk of the backend tasks. JSON and JavaScript are key to the RestAPI, oEmbed and GrahQL based interface functionality. It appears only the Shadow and perhaps Special Counsel Mueller know… and they are not telling.


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