Xara Web Designer
Web page prototyping tool $49US

Xara XtremePro
Very fast Vector+Bitmap Drawing/Compositing tool
Axure - adds Tabs, Forms, JavaScript Widgets to the mix. Also delivers auto-generated Word documentation. $589US.
Protoshare Web-based prototyping tool with same basic elements as Xara Web Designer plus collaborative usage. $19/month single user, $45/month 3 users.
Fireworks Vector+bitmap drawing and prototyping tool with with output to Flex, Flash, Air as well as Web .html file. $299US.
Xara Web Designer gives graphics designers the ability to create/design Web pages with incredible speed yet design fidelity. Designers work from three sources:
1)Imported graphic designs and HTML pages [media elements only - no text or links]
2)Xara-supplied or user-created templates with partial or full-page layouts;
3)User initiated from-scratch design and Web page[s] layout.
Option 3 might seem intimidating, but because designers work with 4 simple elements in Xara Web Designer - laying out a page is straight forward and natural.

There are only four design elements to master:
1)Text - one learns to master the text tools because any text can act as a link;
2)Color - the color chips can be dragged and dropped on any object for quick color changes;
3)Images/graphics - either bitmap or vector can be also act as a link;
4)Placeholders - are containers which can hold other elements and have special properties.
With these basic elements Xara Web Designer adds the ability to create layers and re-arrange objects between layers. The Transparency tool allows users to reveal partialy over a transparent gradient underlying image[s]. As well it is possible to create drop shadows, gradients, and reshape basic element so the text flows in fantastic ways.

But anyone familiar with Xara Xtreme pro will now this is just the tip of the iceberg of possible edits. Bitmap images can be cropped, color corrected, exposure modified including using a full range of Photoshop plugins[just point to the Photoshop plugins directory]. Graphic images can be grouped, spliced and diced while both arrangin and filling the various pieces in novel ways. In short, Xara Web Designer is a great tool for creating a novel website with its own distinctive look and feel.

Better yet Xara web Designer can handle huge 50-200MB files with ease. All the graphics operations are done in a flash. And its trivial to undo unwanted steps. But there is a limit to the edits. Xara Web Designer is not geared towards handling Forms or databases. And use of Widgets and AJAX means a desinner will have to call in a Web Developer Pro in most instances. But the bottom line is that a Designer can develop not just a prototype but a working website in very quick time.
Xara Web Designer is a superb value. For $49, Designers can create media rich and very attractive websites in an afternoon. Using Xara supplied templates and/or their own designs a 4-8 page website with professional banners, headers, footers, images and buttons can be laid out importing media from Abode Illustrator, Flash, Freehand, or Photohop; Corel Draw and PhotoPaint; any external Web pages, and a broad range of other vector and bitmap files/sources.

Xara Web Designer is built from Xara Xtreme Pro so its speed and features for image, color and text manipulation are not only first rate but very easy to learn and master. Add to this a well designed set of templates - and users can modify and build working websites in a few hours.
HOME - Prototyping Playground for Graphic Designers: Xara Web Designer

The demo edit above shows the use of 4 tools and 2 galleries.
First, the Mask images have been changed with the Transparency and Drop Shadow tools;
Second, the colors throughout have been alletered with draga and drop colorbar chips;
Third, some of the type has been emphasized with highlight backgrounds as in the upper left;
Finally one can see where the type has been changed all over the template.

The Layer Gallery has been used to activate some of the possible mouse events. The Image Gallery was used to screen the many photos and images that could be used to enhance the Web page. In Xara Web Designer it is easy to add several web pages, link them together through the Web Property: pagelink dialog - and do work on a complete site of two or twenty pages. Editing is that approachable and the Helpfile system plus on site video tutorials will quickly get users through any rough spots. In sum, plan on being very productive with Xara Web Designer.
Xara Web Designer is derived from the Xara Xtreme Graphics Design program - so users familiar with graphics and/or Xara Xtreme will be right at home working with Xara Web Designer. But this base has another important benefit, Xara Web Designer is not only very fast but it also offers many intuitive and drag-drop operations throughout the tool.
1)Images - either Vector-graphics or bitmap. Xara Web Designer can import full range of images/media.
Whats Hot!
+Easy to learn and Use
+Very fast with huge images
+Great graphics tool alone
+Value for money!!!

Whats NOT!
-Generated HTML+CSS can be ragged
-Little support for AJAX Widgets, etc
The following is a Xara Web Design output in Flash

This is an exercise and demo of what can be done using EXTjs 3.0 with Accordion, Tab and Panel Widgets. The idea is to not only test different EXTjs widgets being used together but also how well they take to a variety of HTML elements including Flash objects, CSS Styling and small JavaScript snippets. Minimal effort on styling or fonts has been done.