VB References
Motivation: Highlighting some solid VB6 and VBA references

Microsoft Visual Basic Current address for Visual Basic support - its changed twice in the past 2 years
www.progsharehouse.com Great place for programmers to start in general
www.vb-web-directory.com Chock full of great VB references, tutorials and links
TheBestweb.com Great VB and ASP resource center
VB Instinct Very good set of references for V here
Carl & Gary's The original VB support site is no longer available
Advanced Visual Basic For the VB pro and nearly so
VBA Tutors 5 free lessons and up to date overview on VBA - well done
Anthony's VBA Specializes in VBA for Excel, a hot discipline
About VBA A slow but thorough approach to VBA


For all its popularity, VBA has a mixed set of documentation especially in book format. The problem is that many Office, VB, and other development books have a chapter or two on VBA. Ditto for some straight VB books. So the attraction oif writing a book devoted to VBA is reduced because there are already covered. Also VBA is such a changing technology the result is the need to change/update the book on a rapid cycle. So the best book, with a 5 star rating from Amazon, is Lewin's VBA for Dummies - one of the first books I used to come up to speed in VBA. Whats nice about this book is its graded exercises in getting developers use to VBA and not just in the Office context.

The second advantage of the book is lots of tables and references to VBA dependent set of utilities and functions. Another advanatge for many will be the broad reach of the book; it does not sit on one Microsoft Office tool and work from their alone. However, having said that - users interested in just Excel VBA or Access VBA will find books devoted to the individual VBA apps - especially if they are popular. Finally, the price is right given the tight market. This is truly a quick reference for the rest of us which makes VBA approachable.

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