UML Links and References

UML Links
OMG UML OMG-Object Management Group keeps the UML standards
UML Biblio A great compendium of papers published at major UML shows
Cetus on UML Cetus has great resource links on Objects and Components and UML
pUML A group seeking precise UML, more formally and provably complete
bitpipe All the white papers fit to print .. on UML or any IT topic
Patterns Digest Dozens of patterns which are useful points of departure in UML designs
Sites Specializing in tutorials
AgileModeling Scott Ambler's site encompases a very wide point of view on modeling; see also EA Site
UML Tutorials Good background from outside the RUP framework on UML & its history
UML Dictionary Another welcome site-careful definition of UML concepts
UML Diagrams Togethersoft now Borland's great top-down tutorial on UML
TutorGig A broad set of tutorials on UML
TutorialFind A good set of UML tutorials on general tutorial website
XMLModeling Site specializing in UML models of XML schema
Intelinfo List of UML tutorials and articles
UML Design Center SD Magazines coverage of UML
UML Software Vendors
Rational Where the three amigos developed UML notation and RUP process
Eclipse EMF EMF-Eclipse Modeling Framework brings modeling to code system for Java
Embarcadero UML and data modeling tools with a growing library of templates
JadeDES Jade Designer is free and has a refreshing responsibility take on design
JGrasp Amazing freewarethat analyses Java code with control flow, complexity and class diagrams. Very distinctive code discovery tool and its free.
Popkin System Architect has broadest set of modeling tools, simulator, repository.
Sparx Systems The Aussies have an impressive tool in Enterprise Architect
Borland Borland finally has a top notch UML design tool in Together to go with great IDEs
Visual Paradigm a free community edition, pro, and Enterprise UML modeling tool with novel interface


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