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The Web, HTTP, and HTML are doing pretty well despite the efforts of Spammers, Hackers and Microsoft to do in various aspects of the Internet. Spammers have taken over 70% of mailings; hackers use the openness of the Net to facilitate their Trojan Horses, Worms and Viruses; and Microsoft quietly maintains a fierce hostility to any fruition of cross browser/cross platform client side capabilities. Yet the Web continues to prosper - here are some reasons why.
Checkout our new trial Home page for done in EXT.js
Checkout another trial Home page using the jQuery AJAX Framework
Xara Web Designer - powerful Web Design prototyping tool
Jing - Jing Brings Free Screen Capture to Maca and PCs
Snagit 9 - this is a major upgrade to Snagit's screen capture capability
InfoPath 2003 - this is feature-packed forms software with security, interoperability flaws
Browsers Wars II - Microsoft is again attacking the Web interface with a concerted campaign, find out why.
Browser Review - Its definitely Time to Switch Browsers if you use any version of IE-Internet Explorer Browser Review 2 - another look at your options in browsers - with a view to making browser portlets
Color Coding Tips - how to make filling in CSS color= properties easy
Contribute 3 - Macromedia has redefined FTP by making it Content-editable FTP
Corel Smart Graphics - is a SVG based graphics generation system with Web and desktop components
Demo Service - creation of rich, multimedia demos has become a well-tuned service
Dreamweaver 2004 - Macromedia adds new CSS and Fireworks features to its flagship product
FTP software - some new directions in FTP software and services
Grid Computing - IBM calls it On Demand, by whatever name Grid Computing is a Web phenomena
Macromedia Studio Mx 2004 - first looks at the latest from Macromedia
Turbo Demo - has distinctive creation templates and features for making demos
Hold on .NET - developers should hold on using .NET until Redmond spells out .NET and Longhorn transition
Cascading Stylesheets are going mainstream now that the new generation of browsers are implementing CSS1 and 2 much more uniformly. CSS is a crucial part of DHTML and is instrumental in formating/styling web pages. See how to take advantage of this in your Web designs.
CSS Overview - An overview of the importance of CSS in Web development
CSS Book References - a whole sets of website links to CSS resources and vendors
CSS Links - CSS Links and other hyperlink resources
CSS Basics 101 - starts to provide the basics of CSS advantages and uses
CSS Basics 102 - a continuation on the CSS advantages and uses
CSS Box Basics -diagrams and describes box around basics, which are surprisingly easy to use
CSS Desired - desireable features to be implemented in browsers
CSS Margins et al - a new page style along with examples of margins, borders, padding
CSS Selectors - more examples of advanced Selectors - be browser careful
CSS Frustrations -examples of how the browser vendors slip badly on CSS implementation
CSS Core -the core reasons for and basic syntax of CSS
CSS 102 - key concepts of targeting styles via Selectors
CSS Demo of Basics -using our basic CSS to completely restyle an page
CSS 103 - targeting with Selectors and respecting Inhertance of rules
CSS 104- Text alignment, indenting, and other stylings
CSS 104b- concentrates on Font stylings and effects
CSS 104c- summarizes the Fonts and Text CSS styles with some new variants
CSS 105 - Backgrounds and Images and their rules and properties
CSS106- the basic CSS ontent box with margins, borders and paddings
CSS106b - block versus inline content and other Text CSS tricks
CSS106c - advanced Text styling with some margin/border/padding shorthand
CSS 3 -whats in store for the new direction in CSS - and who is resisting
CSS Books - Books on CSS reviewed, one quite masterly the other simple, direct and comprehensive
CSS Essentials - this book provide a very complete set of tips and tricks with CSS
Cold Fusion is server-side web development front end which has its own JRun 4 application server engine but also links to BEA Web Logic Server, IBM Websphere and soon Sun One. The advantage of CF is that there are many more developers who know CF than any other J2EE tool.
CF Overview - verview of the Cold Fusion Server and front end
Cold Fusion Links - Links and other hyperlink resources on Cold Fusion
CF References - a whole slew of website links to Cold Fusion resources
CF Colors - demo of how to display colors using Cold Fusion - the Web safe colors
Cold Fusion 7 - major upgrade breathes new life into Cold Fusion
CF Books - need to learn more, here are some good books on CF
Flash delivers smart graphics effectively on the web - animations, audio, still images and vectors , video can be combined scripted and transmitted to all browsers on most PC Platforms with some of the best media compression in the industry. See examples of the versatility of Flash.
Flash Overview - Overview of Flash and its place in delivering Rich Internet Applications
Flash References - links and references to Flash resources and websites
Flash CS4 - new whats new and nice in Flash CS4
Tour De Flex - new this AIR app really shocases the Flex API & Components
Gumbo/Thermo - new first look at Flex4/FlexBuilder 4 and Flash Catalyst betas
Flash Paper - Adobe should be flogging this print extension as hard as the Flash Player
Flash For Designers - new this book is a great intro to Flash CS3 for designers
Flash Paper 2 - a second, more detailed take on Flash Paper
Flash Animate Text - just a whiff, a suggestion of what is possible with text and animations
Flash Buttons - the mania of buttons in and out of control with Flash
Flash Colorpicker - Flash supports components in a big way, here is an example
Flash Doublelist - Flash Doublelist data processing component
Flash Insult - another off the wall illustration of what you can do with animations
Flash Mouse Follower - shows how to do animation interactions between Flash components
Flash PsychoDraw - demonstrates the new drawing methods available in Flash
Flash Slideshow - take two on doing photo slideshows in Flash
Flash Books 1 - some Flash book references
Flash Books 2 - three very good Flash ActionScript books, such riches

Software using Flash technology
Flex - Macromedia's rich client technology utilizes Flash as key component circa 2004
Flex 2 - next stage in Eclipse based Flex development means more components
Flex 3 - Flex 3 brings AIR on board to FlexBuilder plus other goodies
RIA - 3 Rich Internet Applications frameworks use Flash as underlying GUI base among competing technologies
Demo Software - "show me" demo software frequently uses Flash technology as a starting point
Breeze - shows how a combination of Flash and streaming video can add pizazz to collaboratve presentations
Camtasia - is the vidoe based alternate to Flash in demo software
FlashPaper - is one of the neatest innovations - printed output becomes a Flash presentation automagically
Qarbon - with Viewlets based in Flash give online demos real polish
Robodemo - along with Viewlets, the top guns of Flash-based demo software
ScreenFlash - the economy version of Flash-based demo software, quite versatile
SkunkLabs - Liquid Media provides a presentation alternative to Flash in the demo arena
SVG vs Flash - comparison of Smart Graphics technologies including SVG and Flash
SwishMax - review of very handy, out-Flashes Flash at animations SwishMax
SwishMax Demo - we use RoboDemo to show how to design an animated logo in SwishMax
Java has done exceedingly well on the server in delivery of corporate Web applications - and Java is picking up steam on the desktop where it is the cross platform language of choice competing with C/C++, JavaScript, Perl, PHP for Windows, Linux and Mac users. A strong dose of Java-based Open Source tools helps.
Java Overview - Overview of Java
Java Open Source - listing of over 100 top notch, free Java OpenSource programs
Java References - links and references to other Java websites and resources
Java JSP, Struts, JSF, etc - good overview of Java Web UI happenings
Java New 1.5 - the latest Tiger version of the standard edition with first major syntax revisions to langauge
Java JSF - Java Server Faces brings new GUI features to thin server processing
Java Servlets & JSP Books - JSP, Java Servlets are big, read this combo of books
Java Nostalgia - a look back nine years ago to Java development before Yikes! Y2K
Java Programming Exercise- Creating a parseFloat() method
Java Programming Exercise 2- More exploring Java programmin
Java Books 2 - some more Java book recommendations
Java Books 3 - 3 excellent, introductory books on Java
Java versus VB Comparison - two of the most popular development languages compared in 2002
Java versus VB Comparison II - same comparison 3 years later
Java New - Circa 2004 - all thats new in Java 1.5 Tiger
JavaScript is slowly emerging from the browser wars as a viable cross platform scripting language - and not just for web development. Macromedia uses JavaScript and XML to configure their MX products GUI interfaces, ditto for Adobe products. But client + server side versions with very easy to use OO functionality also help.As CSS and DOM improve - so does JavaScript.
JavaScript News - events and news from the world of JavaScript
JavaScript Overview - Overview of JavaScript
JavaScript References - links and references to JavaScript
AJAX Frameworks/JavaScript - first overview and comparison with Flash, Java
AJAX Directions - looks at the founding trends, the AJAX basics and broad implications
AJAX Tools - provides an overview of some of the most promising of AJAX tools - lots happening
AJAX Resources - Chock full of books, tutorial sites, and examples of AJAX implementations circa 2005
Cloud Computing - new Why Cloud Computing is taking off everywhere
Cloud Development - new how Cloud Development springs out of, but differs from Web 2
Cloud Applications - new 3 Cloud Apps and their technologies delivering big IT innovations
JavaScript Comparison - with ActionScript, the Flash scripting language
JS+DOM Resizer - start of JavaScript+DOM tutorials:text resizing
JS+DOM Expand/Collapse - widgets to expand collapse text blocks
EXT.js - the first review of a major AJAX/JavaScript framework
JavaScript/AJAX Frameworks - Overview and comparison of 10 AJAX Frameworks with Flash, Java
JavaScript Calculator - JS component for use with forms
JavaScript Calendar - JS component for placing dates in a form
JavaScript Clocks - revised, a set of clock components
JavaScript Color Picker - component for picking colors, good set of colors to choose, a bit slow on popup
JavaScript Color Picker 2 - a very fast color picker, good preview but smaller set of colors to choose from
JS Image - routines that demo simple but effective image manipulations in JavaScript
JS Image 2 - more JavaScript image manipulation routines
JavaScript Scroller - horizontal or vertical scroller component
JavaScript Dater- another date picker component but with more flexible calendar settings
JavaScript Dates - how to display today's date in forms as a default setting
JavaScript Hints - hints or tooltips are easy to do with this nifty JavaScript component
JavaScript Menu Designers - 3 menu designers that help to design a group of web pages
JavaScript Sound - how to play sounds through JavaScript
JavaScript Popup Window - Popup Window component that is movable, resizable
JavaScript Tabs - page Tabs component with three modes of operation
JavaScript Windows - interactions between different Windows pages
JavaScript Builtins - common JavaScript window dialogs
JavaScript Popups - setting up user defined popup windows
JavaScript Windows more details on handling windows
JS Image - new routines that demo simple but effective image manipulations in JavaScript
JS Image 2 -new more JavaScript image manipulation routines

GUI Revolution - Will the move to touchscreen and online+offline change GUI forever
Opinion: JS
- Macromedia ActionScript, is it diverging too much from JavaScript ?
JavaScript Trends - major trends in trying to establish new JavaScript standards
JavaScript as GPSL - will JavaScript make it as the General Purpose Scripting Language
RIA - RIA-Rich Internet Applications from 2004, see what the players have done since
Smart Graphics - critical role of JavaScript in Smart Graphics/Rich Media technologies
Perl is the grand daddy of Server-side scripting languages. Perl currently runs neck and neck with PHP for being the most popular web development language. There are huge libraries of Open Source Perl scripts available for free download.
Perl Overview - overview of Perl scripting
Perl Book References - two books which provide good reference resources
Perl Links - Links and references to other Perl websites and resources
PHP along with Perl is one of the fastest growing Server-side Web scripting languages. PHP is to Perl as C# is to Java - obviously derived and influenced by its predecessor but scant credit given for the intellectual debt owed.
PHP Overview - Overview of all things PHP
PHP IDE 1 - looks at what Eclipse and Zend have brewed together
PHP IDE 2- Dreamweaver CS4 beta adds LiveView and some other PHP features
PHP IDE 3 - Borland/CodeGear's Delphi for PHP has the most complete PHP IDE
PHP Meetup- new an example of the community support that makes PHP so popular
GUI Revolution- could PHP, JSP and all the rest be replaced by multi-touch RAIA ?
PHP Basics - the basic design of the PHP language, how it works in general
Php News - Events, calendar and news in the world of PHP
PHP Links - Links and references to other PHP tutorials sites and software vendors
PHP5 - the new PHP 5 adds a whole new OO re-engined design, SQLite, XML-processing, command line ....
PHP Arrays - tips about php array processing and functions
PHP Associative Arrays - all about associative arrays and functions which preserve associative keys
PHP Array Examples - examples of arrays used to fill Form drop down lists/select boxes
PHP Array Sorting - you have to careful with associative array, here are some safe sorting methods
PHP Content Management - PHP has a very rich set of free content management systems
PHP Colors - show how to display all the Web safe colors using nested loops and concatenation
PHP CLI - > PHP as Command Line Interpreter is a big benefit in PHP 5 => easier testing, adhoc utilities
PHP compared to JavaScript - compares syntax and architectures of PHP and JavaScript
PHP Logic & Bitwise Operations - PHP has a robust set of logic and bitwise operators
PHP Loop Syntax - PHP 5 adds to the foreach clause as we summarize flow & looping syntax
SQL represents both a triumph and a tragedy. The triumph is that so many different database types - hierarchic, network, object , relational and XML all use SQL in some form or another as the basis of their query and update language. The tragedy is the phrase "in some form or another". Despite working for nearly 20 years to establish a standard, not even the relational databases come close to implementing a uniform version of the language - making heterogeneous database joins a thorny task - one of the root problems of Enterprise Application Integration - as a result XML databases flourish.
BI First Try - given the new databases available, we try some BI Reporting
Free Databases - The Getting Started Reviews and Links for DB2 Express C, MySQL 5, Oracle XE
SQL Links - set of Links and references to SQL and database info
DB2 Viper - DB2 upgrade extends leads in features and performance
DB2 Install - Express C is not only free, but a fast install too
DB2 Load - our first try on loading data into DB2 Express C goes well
DB2 Load II - second load effort, WordWeb 700,000 records goes well
DB2 UIs - DB2 Express C provide three UI interfaces into the database
MySQL Overview - what makes MySQL so compelling to many
MySQL Install - how does MySQL install measure up to Enterprise standards ?
MySQL Load - loading becomes more important - how MySQL does in load and lock
MySQL Load 2 - a more detailed look at MySQL Migration Toolkit and loader
MySQL Migrate - here is an example of how to load up from an eisting database
MySQL GUI Tools - updated, a sign of new maturity in development support
Oracle Overview - an broad perspective view of Oracle and its "free" XE database
Oracle Install - insights on the Installation of Oracle XE
Oracle Database Load - our first load of Oracle XE proves challenging
Oracle Database Load II - again, database data imports are XE Achilles heel
Oracle Buys Sunopsis - a match made in heaven ?
Database Giveaways - a look at why certain databases are driving development
IBM Powerhouse - How IBM has become a powerhouse in software - really
SQL Overview - a broad overview of SQL and database scene
SQL Datatypes - how the basic datatypes are defined tells a lot about SQL
SQL DML - DML-Data Manipulation Language defines SQL's critical advantage; how data is accessed
SQL Logical Operations - SQL's logical operations are the workhorse engine of queries
SQL Subselects - more on this important aspects of SQL queries
SQL Some, Any, All - E.F.Codd built SQL on a base of logical completeness- these are the basic quantifiers.
SQL Ultralites - SQL databases come in ultralite form to fit on PDA, phones and handhelds with full functions.
SQL Tuning - in SQL performance and tuning are essential - here is a basic and general how to book
SQL Book References - Reference books on SQL topics that have proved useful
SQL Books 2 more SQL book references
SQL Links - over 2 dozen links and resources to get up to speed in SQL
DB2 Express - nearly full DB2 UDB with many Wizards to help install and go - see for yourself
DB2 Loading - loading up DB2 and then querying football database proves straight forward

MySQL Support Tools - Navicat & other MySQL tools really enhance the database's reach
PHP/MySQL book - a very good approach to the latest in PHP/MySQL development
MySQL Review - look at the planned development cycle for MySQL and where it fits in database market
Oracle Book - Oracle is the major database player; this book tells all about the latest 10g edition and all before
Opinion: MySQL - its Open Source Model give developers, ISV, and IT organizations more choices
DBMS as Killer App - this opinion piece explores the idea of database as a killer app
Opinion: SQL - ANSI standards abuses by many vendors is one major cause for EAI problems
UML is the Unified Modeling Language which represents the the standard diagramming notation for object oriented system design and modeling. Under its wings UML has nine diagramming standards, a constraint language, and new XML-based interchange standards. Yet developers still find need to append new methods, diagrams, and processes to the body UML. So get used to the notion that UML definitely helps but also it is definitely incomplete for all aspects of system design.
UML Overview - these days with 13 diagrams you definitely need an overview to follow UML
UML Book References - the first of a series of UML book references
UML Books 2 - two m ore excellent UML book references
UML Links and References - some very good links to UML tutorials and freebies
VBA-Visual Basic for Applications is the last refuge for Visual Basic programmers in light of the .NET transformation of Visual Basic into Visual Fred/Visual Basic.NET, the poor cousin of C#. . But for useful desktop or scripting development consider using VBA, until it changes too.
VB Overview - developers have to be careful developing in VB these days - stay on top here
VB Tutorial 1 - Intro into Visual Basic
VB Tutorial 2 - The outline of the VB development Interface
VB Tutorial 3 - Syntax of the VB language
VB Tutorial 4 - VB statement syntax and usage
VB Tutorial 5 - Visual Basic Syntax 2
VB Tutorial 6 - Visual Basic Operators and Assignments
VB Tutorial 7 - VB GUI Forms and Components
VB Tutorial 8 - VB GUI Components 2
VB Tutorial 9 - VB utility demo - passwords and Splash
VB Tutorial 10 - VB review , look ahead to VBA
VB Tutorial 11 - VBA overview and introduction
VB Tutorial 12 - VBA tricks of development
VB Tutorial 13 - VBA message and dialog box control functions
VB Tutorial 14 - VBA Start of Wizard Creation
VB Tutorial 15 - VBA Creation of Setup Wizard 2
VB Tutorial 16 - VBA Creation of Setup Wizard 3
VB Tutorial 17 - VBA Creation of Setup Wizard Deployment
VBA Books and References - VBA primarily references
VBA Books 2 - two slightly different books on VBA being used in novel ways
VBA Links - well over a dozen VBA links and resources

Hold on .NET - Hold on developing in .NET until Microsoft does so itself and clarifies moves to Longhorn .
Basic Clones - there are some very nice, even cross platform clones of VB - here are the most interesting.
VB versus Java Comparison - two of the most popular programming languages compared.
VB.NET - an overview of VB.NET and some of the trade-offs associated with moving to it.
Web Services has become the anointed choice for defining distributed processing over CORBA, EDI, J2EE, RPC and other APIs because its open, standardized, extensible and the major players ( read IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and others) have agreed to abide by its provisions and have largely done so to date. There are 4 major standards bodies involved W3C, OASIS, IETF, WSI. After being oversold, it is starting to take off.
Web Services Overview - A 10,000' overview of Web Services
Web Services Book Reference - Start of Books on Web Services
Web New Wave _ there is a whole new wave of n-tier Web devlopment frameworks keyed on Web Services
XML is a pile of contradictions. XML is tree structured, text based, tag system for defining, describing and containing structured and semi-structured data. XML separates out content, formating/ presentation, and structuring/definition - most of the time. XML is text-based, but marginally human readable. XML is open and standards based; but employs many diverse syntactic features. XML is verbose but essential. XML is the great silver bullet hope and ....
XML Overview - An overview of XML
XML Book Reference - Start of Books on XML
More XML Book References - More Books on XML
XML Links and Resources - Links to other XML websites and resources
XML RIA - XML is one of the key developer ingredients in RIA-Rich Internet Applications

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