Perl Links and References

Perl Links
Perl6 Status tough look at status of Perl October 2004, excellent
Perl where the first news on the Perl scene gets published O'Reilly's Perl site devoted to news, articles, tutorials, and links to all things Perl
Perl Foundation Is this where Larry Wall hangs out - only the Shadow knows
Perl Learning 3 complete online books on Perl plus other resources
mod_perl All you need to know to use Perl with Apache
HotScripts Perl What makes Hotscripts so good is most resources, links, scripts(4300) are rated
Sites Specializing in tutorials
ProgrammersTutorials As always a good set of links to Perl tutorial sites
CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Network - says it all Tutors Perl Tutorials a plenty
The Perl Journal Articles, tutorials and resource links from the Perl Journal
PerlDocs Perl documentation and tutorials and links - good stuff.
Perl Monks Almost whimsical source of articles, lots of tutorials, and code samples of Perl
Mother of Perl 3 dozen Perl tutorials which explore use in advanced settings:XML, HTTP, etc
Perl Tutorials Again these are mostly advanced topics Perl topics and lots of other resources
Sites Specializing in Scripts
Perl Archive Over 4000 categorized Perl scripts plus tutorials and links
CGI-Resources Free and shareware CGI and Perl scripts and other resources
ScriptSearch:Perl Like Hotscript - catagorized, rated Perl scripts(1600@2/03)
Free Perl Code Guide to free Perl code categorized but not rated (1500@2/03)
DevScripts  A modest number but some very interesting Perl scripts
!st Spot Perl code, demos , and tutorials
Perl Software Vendors
Activestate Two IDEs for Perl - Komodo and Visual Perl (latter links with VS.NET)
CodeCharge Powerful code generation in Perl with numerous, customizable templates
CGIPerl Code Perl Scripts for sale for website automations
CGI MegaSite More Perl Scripts for sale for website applications
ModelWorks very smooth editor and debugger for Perl code on Windows

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