Flash Links and References

Flash Links
Macromedia Flash Macromedia provides a very rich development center with tutorials, free components, articles, etc.
Flog Okay all the Flash news fit to print in the last 48 hours or so
Hotscripts Flash books, tips, tutorials, software and scripts
FlashKit definitive source of news, views, tips, tutorials and over 7000 Flash.fla files
Flash Goddess an artist oriented site with good Flash creative insights and sample work
Flash Guru Flash news, innuendo, tutorials, and links
FlashForum German Flash website has it all im Deutsche
FlashBlog lots of Flash news, links even tips and tutorials
Flash Candy 5 weird and boffo games for Flash
Flash Magazine whats going on in the Flash industry highlighting software, books, reviews
Flash Move lots of reviews of Flash sites plus Flash news and views
Flazoom news, tips, articles devoted to Flash usability and design
OSFlash open source Flash resources - a growing array
SWFNews primarily Flash and Flash Communication Server News; but also ColdFusion and Dreamweaver
SWFTools excellentt site describing the nearly 200 3rd party Flash utilities and support tools
Sites Specializing in tutorials
CBT Cafe A solid set of design as well as development tutorials for Flash
Flash Developer Dutch site with good tutorial selection plus tips and software reviews
Moock.org Colin Moock has written one of the definitive books on ActionScript, his site is Flash-full
Flash Devils news, tips, tutorials, and detailed reviews of Flash related software
FlashFruit as clever as their name coverage of Flash trends with news, views, reviews, etc
FlashPro Dutch site(in English) full of good Flash tips, and references
iBoost a good set of tutorials for Flash and beyond
Kirupa a very well illustrated set of Flash tutorials
Macromedia DevCenter a broad set of Flash tutorials from the source
VirtualFX a great set of Windows and Mac tutorials on all aspects of Flash programming
UltraSHOCK Great set of Flash resources and demos; this site demos the upside and downside of going all Flash on a website and all black in background color. Flash at its best and worst.
Sites Specializing in FLA and SWF Scripts
AS ToolBox ActionScript Toolbox says it all, lots of scripts and explanations of Flash tricks.
ActionScript.org Another ActionScript site with great scripts and graded tutorials as well
FlashMx Library Friends of Ed publishers have extended library of Flash files/projects
Flash Components One of the earliest and best free Flash Component sites, great demos
Flasherweb the best tongue-in-cheek Flash site with lots of free goodies
Flash Software Vendors
Macromedia Flash Start here for best scripting and debugging for creating SWF files
Electric Rain Swift3D is the premier method of getting 3D content into Flash
Flash Composer For $40/year get an online Flash Studio with great design templates
FreeFlash Flash and HTML templates, free and for sale
LostMarble Moho is a nifty cartooning program with clever automated kinematics and output to video or SWF
ManituGroup produces a SWF decompiler which extracts, ActionScript plus grapic, video, audio resources
Mind Avenue AxelEdge and Electric Rain's Swift3D are slugging it out for best 3D Flash animation tool
RubberDuck Screenweaver Mx adds powerful, but Windows-only extensions to Flash Mx
SWF Studio SWF studio expands the greatly the options for displaying/controling SWFs
Swishzone SwishMax is the one of the best creative design tools available for great Flash effects
Wildform Flash Video, SWF Control, and Special effects code-great design links too

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