Review of Demo Software

Turbo Demo TurboDemo from Bernard D&G first came to ourattention at the Borland Conference in July of 2001 in Long Beach. the program had two very nice characteritics -the ability to add captions and pointers very esily and the high compression ratios so that

1Mb provides a well above average 6-9 minutes of demo time. Since that introduction, Turbo Demo has gone through 3 version updates with some important improvements - the most notable including better user interactivity features including pause control and resuming when the user clicks on the appropriate button/menu hotspot on the demo screen. In addition, Turbo demo has expanded its proprietary Java/HTML compression formats and added both AVI and Flash SWF output. The latter gives Turbo Demo broader reach to more desktop and handheld platforms.

This reviewer likes the object-based nature of Turbo Demo which allows moving, modifying, and changing the action of groups of objects. this is very useful in interactive mode where user action can redirect the demo to a new URL or a new "subdemo" o even rtrigger different messages depending on the "correctness" of the action taken. In sum, Turbo Demo has become a versatile program aided by the fact that it is available in 5 language versions. The price at $1390 for the Pro edition is at the high end, but Bernard D&G has been providing some attractive discounts in recent months.

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