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Liquid Media

SkunkLabs LiquidMedia is definitely PowerPoint on steroids. The program can import PowerPoint Presentations as a point of departure - but think of also being able to import and manipulate/zoom/move/twirl movies -.avi, .qt, .mpg, ,mov, .flic; animations - gif, swf; 3d objects - AutoCAD, 3DStudio Max, Lightwave; text - TrueType and other fonts; bitmap images - gif, jpg, tiff, tga and another dozen

formats(but not vector graphics like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw files). Audio files also can be incorporated with simple to sophisticated editing and attachment to objects. In short, Liquid Media takes PowerPoint (or Open Office Impression ) presentations to new realms of possibilities.

Two of the key enablers of this presentation power is the use of predefined objects such as movies, sound, text and buttons within Liquid Media. The second key ingredient is the use of Microsoft JScript as the scripting language for Liquid Media. This allows the creation of power effects and great interactivity with users. It is interesting that JScript which is just a JavaScript clone was chosen because Flash use another JavaScript variant, ActionScript. In fact, this is one major drawback to Liquid Media - with JScript and DirectX, and ActiveX support - Liquid Media is a Microsoft primarily client. True Liquid media can be packaged in their own standalone executables as well as providing its own browser plugin - but these are both Windows only solutions. But at $200, users are at the least getting a powerful PowerPoint jolt - and at the best a way of making very memorable training and presentation demos.

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