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Screen Flash is a software screen capture program that has a good set of editing features. It allows the user to capture a software demo, add narration and captions, put in pauses and user restart - and because all is recorded in Flash .swf format - the demo can be deployed on PC, Mac, Linux, 98% of Web browsers and kiosks.

Screen Flash at $80 is the economy demo software with fairly robust show and tell creation capabilities. It use Flash .SWF file format to save demos in. Screen Flash features three different recording modes:
1)Window mode captures all the mouse and screen action on a selected Window;
2)drawn rectangle records all the mouse and screen action in a user drawn "invisble" rectangle on screen;
3)full screen mode capures all mouse and actions on the full screen.
ScreenFlassh records sounds and keyboarding on screen and allows for microphone annotation as well.

The captured frames can be edited within a timeline window in ScreenFlash. This allows for adding captions, lines, drawings, external images and another layer of audio annotation. In short, ScreenFlash is like having all the editing that you desperately wanted in Lotus ScreenCam and gladly would have spent 80 dollars for. And to boot the Flash SWF files are very compact. The downside is that you cannot add conditional branches or extensive user responses unless you synch pauses in the ..swf with editing you do in Macromedia Flash. But the bottom line - ScreenFlash is what Lotus should have built at the very least with its ScreenCam franchise.

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