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RoboHelp has been one of the major players in Helps system development with support for Microsoft help, Java help and Web help systems. Now thay have bought and developed some Flash-based screen capture and annotation technology that takes software demos to a new level of ease of creation and modification - RoboDemo.

RoboDemo has two key advantages. First, RoboDemo automatically does the screen capture. RoboDemo snaps a frame every time a mouse event or keyboard action occurs. The sequence of frames are recorded as a Flash animation which can be subsequently editted within RoboDemos frame editor. In this edit phase it is easy to delete unwanted frames, add narration or annotaion in the form of captions, shading or added drawings and other graphic refinements. In short, the editor allows users to easily add comments and even icons to control the pace of the demo.

However, if developers want to add specific control or more interactive features (say a context sensitive quiz), then RoboDemo users have another advantage. that is because RoboDemo is able to export out in .fla format as well as .swf. Given the .FLA demo file, Flash developers will find it trivial to add any type of multi-media refinement they want to the demo - including embedding it into a teaching or quiz context. In sum, the abilty to transfer to Flash helps RoboDemo match and surpass some of its competitors features.

RoboDemo also has another key advantage - it not only produces Flash .swf files on output for the versatility in deployment that implies; but also RoboDemo integrates well with RoboHelp and the new FlashHelp system being developed there. And with FlashPaper available from Macromedia in Contrbute 2 - there are now many ways of generating powerful Help and/or demo presentations using the eHelp battery of products. And at about $600, RoboDemo is certainly competitive with some of the highend authoring and eLearning tools it will now be matched up against.

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