Demo Software: Qarbon

For the past 3 years Qarbon has built a reputation for being one of best demo software systems with its broad reach - developers tools for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. Qarbon ViewletBuilder allows users to capture, annotate, and edit demos of software applications. Developers can add content-sensitive areas on screen that pause the demo, trigger pop ups, and even change the flow of the demo.

This interactivity marks some of the better demo software. Also Qarbon's Viewlet is able to export to a number of formats beyond its standard Flash .swf. including print files and PDF. This allows training to be dispersed as standalone executables, web-based viewlets or traditional PDF and "printed" documentation. Qarbon has a very strong multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linux) and multi-lingual message (13 Languages including most major European, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese). Developing documentation on the fast changing OS platforms of Linux and Mac are well served with Qarbon Viewlets.

The Viewlet interface is remarkably spare and most resembles a presentation package like Powerpoint or Impression with it slide tray layout. But don't be fooled, Viewlets can incorporate audio, video, one of the widest array of graphic images and plus text and pre-built graphics. As well interaction with the user can be developed for simple training and eLearning programs. In sum at just under $800, Qarbon packs a lot of versatility into its demo software.

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