About us: Imagenation 

Imagenation is a small consultancy of 3 developers with over 50 years of IT experience. We specialize in web development, analysis, technical writing and presentations/mentoring training. TheOpenSourcery website has been designed, developed and maintained by the partners. In addition, Imagenation specializes in delivering event websites that are associated with some special occasion.

Event Websites

These websites typically are developed special events such as the World Track and Field Championships or recurring events like Some are gallery websites in which we did the photography, created the web gallery, and added special features like a chat forum or online store options. Let us cover your sports tournament, special event, or build a project meeting place with forum for resolving issues.

Good web development does not have to be an expensive proposition. For $300-500 we can develop a 7-10 page website with logo, menus,registered domain name and 300MB of diskspace plus 5GB of monthly data transfers. This allows for traffic reaching approximately visitors per day depending on the sizing of downloads. It also provides a web presence with email and simple form processing capabilities. Adding dynamic database services for forms handling, order-taking and other IT operations

For $700-1500 we can develop a website with:
  - calendar for a schedule of events
  - BBS-like forum for answering frequently asked questions;
  - Weblog for recording important discussions and online meetings;
  - forms driven database input into XML or MySQL repositories;
  - your own stylings, icons and logo imaging/branding.
So if you need practical help in web development we can get your project done. We can also help you get started with your JSP/PHP/Perl web development project. In addition, since we analyze, review and use state of the art web and graphics software we can and do provide briefings on technology at a very affordable price. Contact us at Imagenation.

Summer 2004 Special

If you have:
  - the domain name decided;
  - logos and branding;
  - images and/or storrylines.
We can deliver a registered website ready for final styling and uploading of images and/or story entry within 24 hours for $250. The site will have:
  -a web gallery with allowance for several albums and control of gallery privileges;
  -300MB of storage - space for about 1200-1800 web ready images;
  -5GB of transfers per month(serving upto about 1200-1500 users/day)
  -Weblog or forum for your visitors;
  -Monthly Web Stats for tracking usage
  -getting started users guide
  -all the domain and web registry work done for you for one year
We can further support your site with operational or web developement help at $25-50/hour depending on the nature of the work involved.

See the following websites for examples of what can be accomplised:
the Pics of Detroit - a gallery website with a special front page.
Sport Pics of Canada - a gallery for sporting events in Canada - dragon boat racing, etc
Mike and Paula's - wedding website with gallery and later family forum
Edmonton Worlds - the World Track and Field Championships in Edmonton
So if you need a website in a hurry - ready to go call us at 416-516-2075 or eMail us!