XML Links and References
XML Links
W3C.org The World Wide Web and XML standards keepers with documentation, tutorials.
XML.org Remarkably complete site with news, links, tutorrials on XML & Web Services
XML.com Another robust site for news, articles, and tutorials on all things XML
XMLHack 3rd of the broad XML news, articles, tutorial sites
ebXML ebXML is an industry standard protocol for exchanging XML messages
Oasis Oasis sets key XML/Web Services standards:DSML, ebXML, SAML, XACML
Web Services Architect Web Services resources, players, organizations and key technologies-XML+
RosettaNet Major user of XML and Web Services as definer of co-operating processes
WS-I WS-I is an open, industry organization chartered to promote Web services interoperability - except if your name is Sun which we exclude ... just kidding.
Sites Specializing in tutorials
XML Tutorials Good site for XML tutorial lists
XML.com XML.com's excellent tutorial lister - just go the X's
XML Coverpages Good set of tutorials and articles on XML, XSL, Web Services, etc
XMLFAQ XML articles and tutorials with general overview of major trends
XMLSucks XML Sucks site gives another viewpoint
Cafe con Leche XML eclectic tutorials and articles
bitpipe All the white papers fit to print .. on XML or any IT topic
XML Software Vendors
Altova XML Spy is superb XML IDE, Stylevision is for XML web development
Corel Broad support for XML in XMetal, Word Perfect, Ventura and new SVG tools
Database vendors Comprehensive listing classifies most major XML database and server players
Tools with XML Key list of programming tools with C, Java, PERL, PHP using XML etc
Water The most interesting approach to programming I have seen in a decade - you can only lead a donkey to ...

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