PHP Links and References

PHP Links - has many European resources, and my favorite PHP sites in green
Zend -PHP source; Zend has developer IDE, Security, and Performance enhancers
PHP.Net - the second, unofficial, official site for PHP
PHPFreaks - Good general support site for PHP: tips, scripts, tutorials, news, reviews
OpenSourceCMSNow see major free PHP apps running - BBs, Portals, Galleries, eLearning
PHP PlanetNews and views from the PHP trenches and weblogs
PHPBuilderPHP news, views, articles, code, and even the manual in searchable form
PHP ResourceGerman PHP site chock full of free goodies and translate into English icon
PHPDeveloperprimarily news with some tutorials, scripts and reviews
Sites Specializing in Help, Tutorials and Scripts
Adobe/MacromediaMacromedia's PHP support; Dreamweaver and Flash interfaces/tips
Codewalkersa number of scripts (250) but also very interesting tutorials and articles
Developers ShedA good set of PHP articles and tutorials; but also strong in web topics
DynamicWebPages.deGerman site also chock full of PHP scripts and tips im Deutsche
FAQTsA FAQ/Question and Answer (over 500) approach to PHP tutoring
Hotscripts - best (11,000)script source with tips, tutorials, book and software reviews
IBM PHP IBM PHP resource site with links to free Apache Derby and free DB2 Express
Oracle's PHP site Oracle is supporting PHP in a big way with Zend tie-in
PHP-Editors - lists and rates the best PHP editors
PHPScriptsscripts, tips, and tutorials on PHP, chatty site
PHP Resourcessubstantial (1500) scripts but also reviews, tips, and tutorials
PHPScripts.frFrench site chock full of PHP scripts en Francais
ProgrammingTutorialsAs always a good set of PHP links plus other tutorial sites
W3Schools - great set of tips and tutorials
TiZag simple but clear tutorials on PHP plus other Web tools
PHP Software Vendors
ActiveState Komodo is an IDE (no visual layout) supports Perl, TCL as well
CodeGear Delphi for PHP is an impressively complete PHP developer system
HTMLKit HTML/PHP/Perl free editor with help, code hints and wide range of plugins
Adobe/Macromedia Dreamweaver supports PHP with some nice extensions (no debugger)
Eclipse PHP IDE PHP has come to Eclipse and its more than competitive thanks to plugins
PHPEd PHP IDE with task-to-do, SOAP, and debugger on Linux and Windows
PHPide has not one but 3 free high quality PHP edit and test environs-remarkable
tsEditor yet another free PHP editor (no debug yet); but it does have syntax checker
Turbo PHP another free PHP IDE - but this one supports Visual Layout & Design as well
XAMPP Get the free full LAMP line up installed faultlessly in Windows - real timesaver
XlineSoft Has nifty PHPRunner - a PHP Code Generator
WAMP also the full WAMP- Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP installer- very good

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