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Top JavaScript Links
Mozilla DevEdge - The new place to be on open JavaScript and DHTML
ECMA - The keepers of the JavaScript 2==ECMAScript 4 standards
AJAXian - chock full of blog posting on all things JavaScript and AJAX
AJAX Patterns - is a superb resource for JavaScript and AJAX Frameworks
Hotscripts - Tutorials plus1200 rated scripts, tools, references, and book reviews
JavaScript and AJAX Tutorial Links
Agile Ajax - great list of AJAX IDEs and good commentary
Ajax Patterns - best set of lists on GUI components, frameworks and design patterns
AJAXian - chock full of blog posting on all things JavaScript and AJAX
AJAX Tutorials - shows how to work AJAX routines with Java, PHP,
Andy's JavaScript Tutorials - JavaScript with links, notes and examples
Crockford's JavaScript - Not a modest, but also telling views on JavaScript
Coding Forums - has JavaScript and DHTML, and Dynamic Drive help
CommunityMX - The closest site to the Opensourcery yet found - very good JavaScript+CMS
EchoEcho - Good set of primers on JavaScript ... with quizzes
Eloquent JavaScript - a novel and refreshing run through JavaScript syntax and semantics
GateScript - Hundreds of Scripts - simple, but great tool with WebMonkey
HTMLGoodies:JS - a complete intro to JavaScript as a series of tutorials - JavaScript tips and tutorials site
JavaScript Sources - Gets you off to some good resources
Java2s - don't be fooled by the site name, loads of JavaScript examples
ProgrammersTutorials - Good list of tutorials and their particular strengths
QuirksMode - tutorials and tips on JavaScript but in the DHTML mode
Resource Center - a different andnovel tour through JavaScript with tutorials
SmashingMagazine - 75 top JavaScript tips followed by 80 AJAX Solutions plus CSS and other tips
Top 10 JS Functions - debatable but very interesting list of top ten JavaScript functions
WebDeveloper - Like AJAXian, just crammed with useful JavaScript, AJAX and other Web tool tips
WebMonkey - Careful complete intro to JavaScript ....use with GateScript
Web Reference - A set of columns and articles about JavaScript
Webscripts - lost of scripts, with rankings, for JavaScript
Sites Specializing in Scripts
AJAX Rain - lots of the latest AJAX Frameworks and their plugins-Dojo, jQuery, EXT, etc
CodeLifter  - Crafty set of 6.x browser capable JavaScripts
DynamicDrive - Dozens of DHTML and JavaScripts with advanced browser orientation
GateScript - A go0d set of Scripts and categories; but the general menus are broken
Hotscripts - originally specialized in PHP, ASP, and Flash - now has JS + good ratings system
JavaScript Kit - well organized selection of JavaScripts plus tutorials
NeedsScripts - One of the largest collections of JavaScripts on the Net
Scripts - Another HotScripts clone; but I find some unique scripts here too
ScriptSearch - Jupiter media takeoff on HotScripts
TopDownloads - A smaller selection than Hotscripts, but also some unique scripts
JavaScript/AJAX Frameworks and Software Tools
Adobe Dreamweaver - full DHTML/JavaScript editor plus PHP, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion data connections
Aptana - eclipse based, AJAX-oriented devlopment tool - no Visual Layout yet
Backbase - AJAX framework with huge UI widget set, new Visual Ajax IDE, broad connections
Bindows - AJAX framework with huge UI widget set, actions, JSF to Bindows AJAX
CodeThat - has a large set of JavaScript components plus free standard editions and Studio
Dojo - Open Source, broad UI, data, and coding support - ESRI is using for mapping
EXT.js - Open Source derived from YUI, this is very complete and has Adobe AIR tie ins
Jackbe - commercial, browser based IDE, mashups with JSF, PHP, Struts
Javeline - dual license, XML-based declarative approach to AJAX
jQuery - Open Source, full UI ops, APL-array like simplicity, Googlized
Mootools Open Source, basic UI widgets, strong support in Web community, Googlized
Prototype & Scriptaculous - Open Source combo, basic UI widgets, Googlized
Qooxdoo - Open source Ajax developer with nifty UI playground + API Viewer for developing your apps
Smart Client - commercial AJAX developer+IDE with links to Hibernate, Spring and other Java servers
Spry - Open Source, basic UI widgets, Dreamweaver integration
Tibco GI - commercial, full UI with widgets, JS IDE, server interfaces
Tigra - most complete set of JS components many of which are free
Universe Online - Client+Server(Java or .NET)based Menu, Tree, and 3 Grid controls
YUI - Open Source, huge widget set and great docs, Googlized
Zapatec - very polished JavaScript menus, calendars and trees
Googlized = runtime.js files located on Google servers

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