Java Links and References

Java Links - Java, Perl, and PHP have the widest array of free software; but only Java has the rich set of free and commercial tools for developers. Equal is the range of tutorials and tips available to the newbie as well as veteran.
Sun's Java site Go to the source for free downloads, documentation, design demos, forum
Java.Net Sun's Java Forum/Weblog
Gamelan - Java One of the oldest but best developer sites-tutorials, downloads, reviews
Java Lobby General Java news, tutorial and forums site
JavaWorld News, tips and tutorials organized around core Java, enterprise Java, micro Java
ONJava O'Reilly website devotd to all things Java including tips, articles, reviews, etc.
Oranda A great timeline on Java development plus interesting tutorials
The ServerSide Java Server side oriented coverage with strong Enterprise orientation
Sites Specializing in tutorials
Java Boutique Graded tutorials plus scores of downloads, reviews, articles, and links
IBM Java Resource IBM's top quality Tutorials and Java resources outside of AlphaWorks
Sun's Java Tutorials Dozens of tutorials on J2SE and J2EE elements
Dave Baldwins Java Tutorials Scores of tutorials from 1999 to present on every aspect of Java, lots of code samples
Java+XML Tutorials Good listing of Java+XML tutorials and articles
JADCentral tips, articles, links, calendar of all things Java
Java Design Insights
Artima Excellent Java design discussions and tutorials
Java Practices Best practices or writing Java code neatly illustrated
Cafe au Lait news, discussions, and a plethora of eclectic Java resources and bibliographies
JSF Components This websites looks at some of the most popular JSF implementations and components
PatternDigest strong Patterns resource for java development
Java Source Code websites
Codehound it looks sparse at first but just put in search term for Java .. and voila lots comes out
HotScripts over 1600 Java apps and scripts
Jars Over 9,000 rated Java programs organized into dozens of categories-immense
Java Archive A general Java resource but with lots of mini-reviewed Java apps
Java Software Vendors - J2SE and Free! - there is an astonishingly diverse and powerfuls set of free resources for Java learning and development to match the huge set of free apps and scripts available. If you want to do things in Java there is an enormous set of resources available for free download (or avilable in book form on CD)
BlueJay very different Java learning environ, starts out by creating classes and objects-unique approach emphasizes OO development; is good with Jacquie's book
Eclipse Complete IDE framework for developing Java programs; also Cobol, & UML
Jade A good Java editor and debugger with novel design tool - see UML links
JCreator freeware Java editor with some nice features, simple JDBG debug connection
Jedit free IDE for Java development - lots of 3rd party add-ons
JGrasp amazing edit tool that reveals three graphs-control flow, complexity and class diagram of Java code.
Netbeans another free IDE with lots of extensions, free and commercial - does C/C++, XML too as well as J2EE capable
Oracle JDeveloper 9i Available for free download, a complete, very capable Java J2SE & J2EE development environ; but of course it uses Oracle Application Server and Oracle database.
RealJ A very capable editor for Java; integrates with Ant and Jython
Advanced Java Development tools
CodeCharge before all, a Java/JSP code generation tool of surprising depth and breadth
BEA Weblogic Workshop an impressive IDE for creating J2EE Web Services and apps - integrates well with other tools
Borland JBuilder from free basic Java IDE to top of the line JBuilder Enterprise Studio - Java is covered
Data Representations Simplicity is Java IDE that works like Magic -supporting Palm PDA, mobile and legacy apps
Exadel Another Eclipse add on with JSF, Struts wizrds and designers
IBM Websphere like BEA and Oracle, IBM delivers very good developer tool with one catch - a lockin to their J2EE but still proprietary App Server
IntellJ Idea Java editor and debugger with novel refactoring and templates techniques for J2SE & J2EE
InteRAD build-IT forward and reverse engineering J2SE & J2EE from flowcharts.. very interesting technology
M7/Nitrox Builders of Nitrox JSP, Struts, JSF designer extensions in Eclipse
ObjectAssembler J2EE development environ that supports JSP, J2EE, Struts and many J2EE patterns
Omnicore CodeGuide 5 is a Java/JSP IDE with constant recompiling and refactoring capabilities.
IBM/Rational XDE a dual J2EE and .NET capable development tool, uses IBM Eclipse IDE in J2EE form
Sun Studio from free community Java IDE to full J2EE plus mobile and App Server - Sun's Java tools

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