What is Missing in Apples iBook Author? Adobe Flash

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  1. GAG on February 12, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    This is the best laugh I have had all day. Seriously, does the author have a clue?, not likely!. Reminds me once of a friends grandfather roaring with laughter when he read an article that stated that “Ford does not have an answer for the horse’. And to think that some people get paid (Adobe anyone) to write such dribble. Come back in a couple of years and see where flash (trash) is. Whats flash you say!.

    • admin on February 15, 2012 at 1:55 pm

      Whenever I write a story commenting on Apple I have to take into account the Apple Fanataic contingent. These are people who see Apple and Steve Jobs as close to if not infallible. Yes, Steve and Apple certainly did free client computing from the grasp of a highly proprietary and sometimes exceedingly lazy Microsoft monopoly [think Windows Vista, Internet Explorer, and Windows Mobile among other software glitches imposed on the public]. There is now at least 3 fold competition for client OS software – Microsoft, Apple and Google primarily. And we have to credit Steve Jobs and Apple for bringing that about. I for one say thank you.

      But Steve and Apple are cloning the Bill Gates monopoly formula – tightly proprietary and even more restrictive ecosystem. In fact Microsoft is even back copying the ideas adopting Windows Store and ever more proprietary Windows 8 and other Microsoft software. And in the process of doing so, Steve and Apple have been short changing their users: not just suppressing Flash, but also Java, and cross platform development tools. And its not just case of shorting its Mac base of millions of graphics users by still not bringing touchscreen or stylus operations to the Mac, but also overcharging for the Mac and Apple hardware in general. With no debt and $100 billion in cash[more than the total GDP of Bulgaria, Bahamas, and Slovenia all combined], Apple owes its Mac Graphic community either lower prices, a viable replacement for Flash on iOS[and neither QuickTime nor HTML5 come close to Flash functionality], or some other $cash dividend for supporting Apple loyaly for so long.

      But GAG reacts like an Apple Fanboy – doing an insulting attack and simply not addressing the issues raised in the article and the sidebar. Apple’s own Quicktime was just as bad if not a worse performer than Flash on Macs and iOS for security, memory bloat, response time, and bugs. Also Apple did not disclose the Graphics Accelerator APIs in a timely fashion because as soon as they did, Adobe produced a much improved Flash Player. The bottom line is that iOS does not have software to replace Flash -an efficient container for bitmap, vectore and video graphis, fonts, animation scripts, and broader communication capabilities. Efficient because the total size of SWF runtimes have not been matched for size, speed, and content features on iOS – and it shows in iBook Author how badly such capabilities are needed.

      So Apple should make or buy a replacement for Flash functionality on iOS. After all they have $100Billion to do so [there is no debt on the Apple Balance Sheet]. So why not buy Adobe for $20billion, fix the problems, make Mac graphics users happy because all those graphics applications have come home.

      In the meantime, unless comments address these issues rather than just insulting and attacking, thos Apple Fanboy comments will be immediately directed to trash – which they are.

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