New WordPress 3.1

The updated WordPress 3.1 is out and adds a lot of capabilities which will delight developers – yes, its one of those behind the UI screens updates as seen in the screenshot below:

WordPress users who have updated to WordPress 2.9 will have an easy install/update to 3.1 [one of the key competitive advantages of WordPress over Drupal and Joomla cited here]– just press Update automatically and the update is done in less than ten second. O course this assumes you have been doing aregular database backup [see excellent free plugin here]. The requisite site backup will add  1-15 minutes depending on the number of posts, comments, and pages.
Here are some of the additional new features:
1 – improvements to Tools – Export and Tools – Import commands – simpler syntax, faster speeds
2 – more control over admin look and feel
3 – post types can have unique post formats – new theme designer feature
4 – new Network Admin menu workflow for MU-multiuser sites
5 – also new  Link menu workflow [ye Editor could not find the difference] 6 – new archive types for custom content pages/posts
In sum, this is modest update with most of the features to appear as theme, widget and plugin developers take advanatge of new backend goodness.

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