JavaScript & HTML Tips
Feature highlight: Creating Page Tabs
Credit: Tim Scarfe

Creating Page Tabs which can have full HTML contents - this allows for image slideshows or multipage forms that can be handled from "one" tabbed page. In its more sophisticated form additional tab pages can be dynamically added for context sensitive e-learning systems.

Key features and JavaScript elements
Page tabs use divs + CSS stylesheets with Javascript code to allow for sophisticated multipage tabs.

Important: Try the different Page Tab style buttons just below!

this is a tab

this appears inside the first tab..

Pics fit in too

this is a tab too

this appears inside the second tab..

First name Last name
this tab is selected by default

Table Red

+= Right in the middle  
25   okay

this is a tab set footer because it is not in a tab page, but is in the tab set division.

This is a sub footer for demo; note it does not change as the Page Tabs changes in style

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