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Macromedia announced FlashPaper with its updated Contribute 2 direct-to-website Web page editor.FlashPaper may simply have been the graphics innovation of the year 2003. Not faint praise.

FlashPaper is just another printer file; you print to FlashPaper just like you would to your favorite laser or inkjet printer. What FlashPaper produces is a Flash.swf file which present the pages exactly as printed. This is what Adobe should have done (and will now probably do in a 'lite' version) for PDF output. Allow users just to print to file and get all the formatting desired stored into a .pdf automatically. Instead, Macromedia has done it first- and very well. Below is a sample of FlashPaper produced with Sun's StarOffice (and duplicated in OpenOffice and Microsoft Office).the results were essentially uniform. See one of the .swf files created below:

Note also that the fidelity of the fonts and colors produced were remarkable. We checked the colors produced with Photoshop's color sampler and never saw a variation greater than 3 in the RGB values between original and Flash copy (about 2 dozen samples). Likewise, the fonts were reproduced exactly in type (we assume because the fonts are buried in the swf file, redistribution is allowed) colors, style, and sizing. Just use the zoom control to see how well the fonts enlarge and shrink. Ditto for the images.

FlashPaper is very good. FlashPaper is HottiePaper.

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