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Feature: CF References
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Cold Fusion appears to have the Macromedia disease - missing or much abbreviated manuals and documentation. Writers love them; but users may have another opinion. Fortunately, there are some good sources of information on Cold Fusion and here is one book which we have found very helpful:

Cold Fusion Mx with Dreamweaver Mx by David Golden. Now for all Cold Fusion users that are wondering where Cold Fusion Studio has gone - here is the answer - its built into Dreamweaver Mx and in a very clever way as Dan points out so well in his book (see our other CF review for a more visual approach).

In this book Dan Golden takes a midway approach - giving a good review of the Dreamweaver Mx environ and all the things it does specific Cold Fusion features such as References, App-Database dialog, App-Bindings to test sources, App-Server behaviors which are the real key to getting productivity boosts in developing CFMx application. Along the way Dan points out the advantages of using such Dreamweaver features as different views of source code, use of components and even getting into details about customizing the workspace. But Dan dos not ignore CFML-Cold Fusion Markup language and in the case study gradually introduces more good coding techniques and practices. In sum, this is the missing Users Manual to Cold Fusion and Dreamweaver MX - the new Cold Fusion Studio.


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